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Anchorage Juneau Nome Seward Whittier Ketchikan

Traveling in Alaska is like visiting no other place on earth. Rugged and real and breathtakingly beautiful, your cruise adventure instantly begins the moment you land in Alaska before you ever board a ship.

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Los Angeles/Long Beach San Diego San Francisco

Extending along America's Pacific Coastline and recognized for diverse landscapes, natural beauty and great attractions, California is one of the only states where you can ski, sail and sunbathe all in the same day.

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Vancouver (British Columbia) Halifax (Nova Scotia) Montreal (Quebec) Toronto (Ontario)

The edginess between Canada's indigenous, along with French and British traditions gives the nation its complex three-dimensional character. With its history, people, landscape and natural beauty, Canada offers well-known cities, attractions and parks.

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Caribbean & Puerto Rico

San Juan (Puerto Rico) Barbados U.S. Virgin Islands

Every island in the Caribbean is incredibly unique, but all are indescribably beautiful. This collection of 700 islands truly has it all; movie-set beauty, coconut-tree-clad mountains, verdant valleys of sugar-cane and bananas.

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Miami Ft. Lauderdale Tampa Jacksonville & Port Canaveral (Space Coast)

Florida is home to the world’s most popular cruise ports and is a vacation destination itself with attractions including year-round sun and sand, boating and fishing, tropical wetlands and forests, Disney World, the Florida Keys, and more.

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Honolulu (Oahu) Moloka’i

Departing on a cruise from Hawaii is like taking a vacation before the real one even starts. Boasting some of the world’s best beaches and biggest resorts, the Hawaiian islands are some of the most relaxing, rugged and romantic places you can visit.

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New York and New Jersey

Manhattan Brooklyn Bayonne

New York City has countless museums, theaters, restaurants, parks, historical sites, sports teams, shops, fun attractions and towering skyscrapers.

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Oregon and Washington

Seattle Portland

Spectacular mountains. Shimmering lakes. Stunning vistas. The Pacific Northwest is the gateway to Canada and Alaska and offers more outdoor activities than there are days to enjoy them.

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​Other U.S. Ports

Galveston (Texas) New Orleans (Louisiana) Charleston (South Carolina) Mobile (Alamaba) Norfolk (Virginia) Boston (Massacusetts) Baltimore (Maryland)

Cruise lines sail to worldwide destinations from all over the United States, and whether you fly into a port city or drive there from nearby, each location offers its own charm, culture, climate and cuisine that will round out any cruise vacation.

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