Africa is ancient, wild and wonderful – from breathtaking beaches to exotic safaris, no other place is blessed with such spectacular scenery and unspoiled beauty. Top spots include South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and even Egypt, Morocco and the Seychelles.

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Traveling in Alaska is like traveling no other place on earth. There are 586,000 square miles here and many possibilities. Choose from wildlife viewing, sea kayaking and guided glacier hikes.

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Arctic Circle & Antarctica

Experience dazzling, ice-covered landscapes that have long captured the imagination of explorers on a polar expedition to the North through the Arctic Circle including Iceland, Greenland and Scandinavia or south to Antarctica and the Falkland Islands.

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Asia is a complex and culturally diverse land of adventure and history – from modern cities to ancient civilizations, there is something for every explorer. Experience the customs, culture and cuisine of China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand and more.

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Australia & New Zealand

The biggest attraction for Australia, New Zealand and surrounding islands is its natural beauty. From endless sunbaked horizons to dense tropical rainforest to miles of beaches, the landscapes vary, but all emanate raw beauty and exude rugged adventure.

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The Caribbean consists of hundreds of tropical isles most refer to as paradise. White sand beaches, deep blue oceans and coconut-tree clad mountains create the setting for your perfect island vacation to Bermuda, Cuba, Bahamas, Jamaica and dozens more.

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Central & South America

From the Galapagos Islands to the Amazon and everything in-between, a wealth of natural wonders and new adventure awaits just south of the border in exotic places like Mexico, Peru, Belize, Costa Rica, Brazil, Chile and dozens of other exotic locales.

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Europe is the epicenter of the world’s most stunning cities, inspired cuisine, unparalleled art and architecture, and rich, renowned history. Experience incredible cities like Venice, Berlin, Rome, Barcelona, Paris, Vienna, Athens and other European gems.

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Hawaii & South Pacific

Journey back in time to the most remote island chains in the world, thousands of miles from big cities and busy people. Distance makes for a splendid destination – experience the unspoiled splendor of the Hawaiian Islands, Fiji, Tahiti, Samoa and more.

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Holy Land

The Holy Land makes up most of the Middle East, an exciting and ancient part of the world steeped in heritage and history. A melting pot of faith, culture and cuisine, experience the beauty of Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and more.

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Incredible scenery and irresistible tastes add to a dramatic culture you can touch, smell, see and savor in the Mediterranean. Worlds collide, flavors intersect and history abounds in every port of call including Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia and more.

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USA, Canada & Mexico

Known as the "melting-pot" of the Western Hemisphere, North America is a continent overflowing with activities, cuisine, people and sights – you’ll find adventure in any direction from Montreal to Montana to Mexico and everywhere in-between.

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