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There's never been a better time to set sail

Every day, more people discover the inclusive pleasures and incredible value of a cruise vacation. Perfect for every age and any budget, cruises are ideal adventures for couples, families, honeymooners, singles, groups of friends and anyone with a taste for travel.

At CruiseInsider, we can help make your first cruise experience unique and unforgettable. Of all vacation experiences, cruises rank at the top for the highest percentage of satisfied customers. In fact, this year alone, some 17 million people will enjoy a cruise vacation, and it's easy to see why:

Great vacation value

The price of a cruise includes deluxe accommodations, amazing cuisine, tons of activities, on-board entertainment and, of course, an exciting voyage to some of the most enchanting and culturally enriching places in the world. Many all-inclusive cruises also include airfare, shore excursions, beverages, enrichment opportunities, tours and more.

Something for everyone

Whether you seek a thrilling adventure, romantic getaway, family fun or a blissful retreat, cruises can truly offer a different experience for every person or personality type. Large ships are floating resorts, with all the activities and amenities any luxury resort would offer while mid-size ships offer unmatched service and reach unique destinations inaccessible by larger vessels. Smaller ships and yachts are geared for adventure seekers and offer authentic experiences in some of the world's most tough-to-reach places while river cruises offer an elegant, relaxing way to immerse yourself in the culture and cuisine of historic cities.

Hassle free travel

Cruises eliminate the pains and problems of an ordinary vacation and wrap-up an entire getaway into one simple, convenient package. You can see multiple places in one trip and you don't have to arrange for hotels, make dinner or entertainment reservations, run to make flight connections as you bounce from city to city and there's no need to constantly pack and unpack. Everything is already paid for. Everyone can have their own experience. And everybody can still be together.

Create your experience

Cruises allow you to customize your perfect vacation and personalize every detail of your trip. From staterooms to spas, excursions to entertainment, dining to destinations and every moment in-between—each cruise experience is different and can be designed just for you. Lie back, relax and be completely pampered onboard or go on exciting, unique adventures on shore. Dine like never before. Enjoy world-class entertainment. Enrich your mind, body and spirit with workshops and classes. Visit secluded beaches, take advantage of en-suite butler service, enjoy onboard casinos, bars and nightlife. Reconnect with family, meet new friends and make lifetime memories.

Visit new places

One of the most unique things about cruising is the variety of destinations they visit. Fall asleep in one city and awake to a new horizon! Exotic ports-of-call, foreign lands, historic villages, ancient sites, arctic exploration, private beaches and more await you on your next cruise vacation.

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