Frequently Asked Questions

What is CruiseInsider and Bon Voyage Travel and where are you located? and its subsidiaries make up the online cruise division of Bon Voyage Travel, one of the nation's leading leisure travel agencies. Bon Voyage Travel was started in 1976 in Tucson, Arizona by entrepreneur Peter Evans, and in our 40 years of travel planning, we’re a Preferred Partner with the world’s top travel brands and have won numerous industry awards and accolades for service and sales. With 75 expert travel advisors on staff in multiple locations, we specialize in customized vacation planning for all types of travel, including cruises, land tours, groups, luxury travel, family vacations and adventure travel.

Are you from the cruise line–why did I reach you instead? is one of the nation's top online cruise retailers and is considered a preferred partner by the world's major cruise lines, premiere hotel properties and top land tour companies. We work directly with these cruise partners to always provide you the lowest prices available, but with CruiseInsider you also get extra perks, exclusive privileges and extraordinary service you can't find anywhere else.

Are your travel agents really experts? is a preferred agency of the world's foremost luxury cruise lines. Our advisors are indeed experts - they've been where you want to go and know the secrets, tips and tricks of cruising better than anyone. They work tirelessly to provide you the best vacation value available.

The CruiseInsider team is made up of destination specialists, deal seekers and detail oriented service providers every step of the way. After one conversation with one of our experts, you'll know that we are more than just "travel agents" - we're advisors, advocates, concierges and trusted travel partners here to make sure your journey is full of memories and free from stress.

What is the Signature Travel Network?

As a member of the prestigious Signature Travel Network, a global network of the world's best travel brands, our CruiseInsider advisors are able to provide you with the best travel values available, as well as exclusive offers and amenities you can't get elsewhere. Our trusted, worldwide partnerships allow us to create unique travel experiences for every personality or passion, and at the same time, ensure that you always receive the best value for your vacation dollar.

General Cruise Questions

What is the cost of insurance?

Insurance varies depending on the cruise line, the total price of your trip and your age.

Can I add extended nights to this cruise?

Yes, our agents can book you for additional pre and post hotel nights at your request.

Can I use the discount to pay for my shore excursions?

Your discount can be applied as onboard credit and used to purchase anything on the ship including shore excursions.

What type of clothing should I wear on board the ship?

The onboard clothing attire is suggested as resort or country club-casual.

What rooms are the best to stay if I get motion sickness?

The best place to book a room is at the lowest and most centralized section of the vessel.

Will I be able to get internet aboard the ship?

Yes, internet is available, but at a price. All cruise ships have a computer lab and come equipped with Wi-Fi throughout the vessel, but users must pay by the minute or purchase a package deal.

Is alcohol included in the initial price or do I have to pay extra?

Alcohol is not included in the initial cost and must be purchased separately, except if you are sailing on an all-inclusive voyage. Regent Seven Sea Cruises, Silversea Cruises and select sailings on Crystal offer these options.

What is the smoking policy aboard the vessels?

Smoking is prohibited on the ships except for several designated smoking areas.

Is there a fitness center aboard the ship?

Yes, there is a fitness center aboard every vessel.

Is there a doctor aboard the ship?

Yes. Each vessel is equipped with a medical staff and medical facilities. For coverage, talk with your insurance provider well in advance before embarking.

How does 2-for-1 work? Why is the rate higher than advertised?

2-for-1 fares mean you get the two single guest fares for the price of one. The rates may seem higher than advertised, because the fares listed in the website are already broken down to cost the same as 2-for-1. The 2-for-1 price is taken from the company's brochure price.

How much is the air credit if we do our own air? Can we upgrade the "free" air with our flier miles?

Air credit varies per cruise line and unfortunately you cannot use your flier miles to upgrade the air credit. Cruise lines do however offer discounted upgrades, which are often a very attractive alternative.

What is entertainment like aboard the ships? Does it cost to participate?

Each of the cruise lines offer a wide range of interesting and exciting activities. From bridge to casino style gambling to live music to production shows you'll always find something to enjoy. The best part is these entertainment options are absolutely free!

How do I reserve and arrange on-shore excursions? What is the normal price range involved? Are there any excursions included into my initial cruise fee?

To reserve an on-shore excursion it's mandatory to book your place 120 days prior to setting sail. On-shore excursions are a great way to see and experience different cultures, which you may not get a chance to otherwise. Some excursions include safari, guided sight seeing tours, and many others. Unfortunately excursions are not included in the primary costs and are extra. Prices usually range from $49 and up and are available at every port.

What types of restaurants are aboard the ships? Will I be able to make reservations and how far in advance can I do so?

There are a variety of world class restaurants aboard each each ship. Breakfast, grilled food, seafood, Italian cuisine, salads, and much more are available at the different dining locations. All voyages can also accommodate those with dietary restrictions if needed. Reservations for onboard restaurants are highly recommended and are determined by cabin type. How early you are able to make a reservation depends on the different cruise lines. Ask your agent for more details.

How big are the cabins? What's included? Is it a good time to travel to a specific destination?

All of these questions can be answered by one of our experienced travel agents in full detail upon request. Call us at 1 (877) 734-6858 to speak with one of our travel agents.