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Posted May 15th, 2017

Your cruise vacation is a voyage of a lifetime. It's truly a major investment, and protecting this investment is an important step in travel planning. Covering everything from accidents to air-travel mishaps, travel protection gives you peace of mind that the money you’ve spent on your vacation isn’t lost if you don't end up going or if something goes wrong along the way.

Reasons to Invest In Travel Insurance

Your vacation time—both the planning and the trip itself—are too valuable to gamble on. The smart move is to be prepared by protecting your investment and your health with a good travel insurance plan. Sure, you'll spend a little bit more, but the value goes a very long way.

Insider TipWhile rates and plans vary based on your age, trip details, and any pre-existing conditions, most plans cost between 4-8% of the total trip cost - mere dollars per day that translates into priceless peace of mind.

With over 40 years of travel planning behind us, we've seen it all. Below are some real reasons why the experts at CruiseInsider recommend investing in travel insurance:

  • You fly to London but your bags fly to Lisbon.
  • While trying the exotic local cuisine you suffer an allergic reaction.
  • You're on your way home when the airline goes on strike.
  • Your child gets sick before you leave and you need to cancel your trip.
  • While walking Europe's cobblestone streets your spouse twists an ankle, and you need to find an English-speaking doctor.
  • You get a call from home that your elderly parent is suddenly seriously ill.
  • You missed your connection and are stuck in Boston, but your cruise leaves tomorrow . . . from Barcelona.
Insider TipWhile you can purchase travel insurance right up until departure, we recommend taking care of it within a few weeks of booking the trip.
  • You've lost important medication and need an emergency prescription filled.
  • A hurricane forces you to cut your cruise short.
  • You need to be evacuated to a medical center of excellence or back home.
  • Your passport or wallet gets lost or stolen and you need cash and a new ID.
  • You've planned and you've packed, but then you learn you've lost your job.
  • You're days away from catching the cruise ship and instead you catch the flu.
  • You're enjoying a drive in the Italian countryside when you accidentally crash your rental car.
Insider TipMany plans offer round-the-clock concierge services couple with a 24-hour, toll-free help line to assist you when you need it most.

Encountering the unexpected is often a part of travel; ranging from the inconvenient to a truly serious emergency. Budget-minded travelers are often tempted to skip buying travel insurance for their trip, but unforseen circumstances can affect every type of vacation and can result in huge expenses you never planned on.

With a variety of insurance options and coverage for almost any situation and every budget, our experts can help you choose the perfect travel protection plan specific to your needs. When you choose CruiseInsider, you cruise with confidence.

For more information, please give us a call at (877) 734-6858 and we'll help your sort through the confusion and choose the right travel insurance plan for you.

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