Sail with Star Clippers in 2024

Sail with Star Clippers in 2024

Start planning your future adventure with Star Clippers.

Expires 6/30/24

Costa Rica With Star Clippers

Costa Rica With Star Clippers

Star Clippers is back in Costa Rica, presenting fresh itineraries that cover Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama,...

Expires 5/31/24

Explore the Caribbean on Star Clippers' Yachts

Explore the Caribbean on Star Clippers' Yachts

Experience the Caribbean like never before on one of Star Clippers' luxury yachts.

Expires 6/30/24

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Small Ship Sailing with Star Clippers

Discover a genuine tall ship sailing experience aboard authentic re-creations of the classic clipper ships that ruled the waves during the 19th century.

About Star Clippers

Full-Rigged Sailing Ships

A throwback from the grand age of sea travel, these state-of-the-art ships offer the ultimate ocean experience, balancing the grandeur and adventure of traditional sailing with the superb service and comfort of modern yachts.

Informal Elegance

This is not a cruise in the classic sense. Do what you want with your days and nights. Dine when and with whomever you wish. The easy-going informality means there are no rigid schedules or rules to follow - just relaxation.

Culinary Delights

Inspired chefs make every meal aboard a delightful culinary adventure with an international menu of foods from the far corners of the earth including casual fare, festive barbecues ashore and a la carte menus that change daily.

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A tribute to the classic sailing vessels from the 19th century, you'll be transported you back in time to the "Golden Age of Sailing" as you explore unspoiled islands, exotic landscapes and timeless ports with all the modern comfort of a mega-yacht.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the Star Clippers sailing experience different than traditional cruises?

    Since 1991 Star Clippers has offered sophisticated travelers the ultimate cruising vacation alternative – a tall ship “mega-yacht” experience aboard authentic re-creations of the classic sailing clipper ships that ruled the waves during the 19th century.

    Star Clippers ships are actual modern sailing vessels, not standard cruise ships. For connoisseurs of sail cruising and true ocean-adventurers, this is the ultimate sea-going experience, balancing the grandeur, adventure and tradition of sailing with the superb service, amenities and accommodations of the finest modern yacht.

  • What are the dining options aboard these ships?

    Inspired chefs make dining aboard a delightful culinary adventure with an international menu of foods from the far corners of the earth.

    When you rise, help yourself to a continental breakfast with croissants, toasted English muffins or sweet Danish pastries. Or savor a full breakfast with fresh tropical fruits and crisp bacon, grilled sausage, smoked salmon and omelettes cooked to order in the dining room.

    At lunch, a marvelous buffet of seafood, salads and grilled favorites awaits your pleasure. If the day includes a stop at one of the paradisiacal islands we frequent, you might also be treated to a festive outdoor barbecue on shore.

    When evening comes, the elegantly appointed dining room, featuring a splendid collection of paintings of sailing ships, becomes the setting for the chef’s finest culinary presentations, designed to please the eye and the palate. And complemented by equally fine wines. You’ll find our service to be friendly and gracious, befitting a tasteful restaurant.

    On all three ships, you are free to dine when and with whomever you wish – including officers, who join guests in the dining room most nights. Meal times may even vary due to the days’ activities and menus vary daily.

    Dietary specific dishes including nut free, vegan and "healthy-eating" meals are available on request. The Maitre d’ is always ready to assist you with any special arrangements you require.

  • Are gratuities included in the Star Clippers fare?

    Gratuities on board the ship are not included in the cruise fare and are at the discretion of each individual passenger based on the level of service performed. However, because CruiseInsider is often asked for advice regarding Star Clippers gratuities, we have provided you with the following guidelines:

    The average gratuity is between $10-$12 per person per night on-board.

    Individual Staff – there may be occasions when a member of the Star Clippers staff provides additional or extraordinary services. Please reward these individuals as you deem appropriate.

    Bartenders and Staff – for your convenience, a 12.5 % service charge is added to your bill when ordering drinks.

  • What is the dress code and onboard atmosphere?

    The atmosphere and dress code is always casual. No need for formal gowns and black tie, casual elegance is the order of the day and every single night.

    On some excursions, you'll need to dress appropriately for the activity you've selected. When visiting cultutal or religious sites, or in certain countries, modest clothing may be required. We recommend leaving jewlery and expensive items on the ship during visits ashore to avoid attracting unwanted attention.

  • What are Star Clippers accomodations and amentities like?

    Like a fine resort, all the amenities are here: double bed or twin beds that can be converted to queen, marble bathroom, private safe, region TV/free multimedia DVD player (except in Category 6 cabins on Star Flyer and Star Clipper), direct-dial telephone, hairdryer and comfortable furnishings.

    The decor is tastefully traditional. You’ll find the accoutrements of a luxurious classic yacht, where everything is ingeniously designed for comfort, ease and efficiency. Burnished brass fittings and mahogany brightwork recall our nautical heritage. Soft natural fabrics reflect the colors of the sun, sea and sky. Prints of famous clipper ships and sailing yachts grace the walls. Everything is immaculately maintained and your steward knows exactly when to appear or disappear.

    On Royal Clipper, 14 deluxe suites offer the ultimate in cruising comfort, with private verandah, whirlpool tub and 24-hour room service. All but six of her 98 cabins are outside, and for the ultimate indulgence, two 355-square-foot owner’s suites may be combined to accommodate up to eight guests.

  • What activities are available on board the ships?

    There is so much to do and see on a Star Clippers cruise. A marina platform conveniently lowers from under the Royal Clipper’s stern for diving and water sports and the Star Clipper and Star Flyer offer similar activities from the tender service or on-shore facilities. The friendly, professional Water Sports staff helps passengers enjoy more uncommon adventures such as snorkeling face-to-face with tropical fish. All passengers also have access to complimentary water sports including banana boating, sunfish sailing, water skiing and windsurfing.

    Activities such as aerobics classes, swimming in one of the on-board pools, or taking part of the exciting shore excursions are always an option for passengers. Plus all the barbecues, limbos, crab races, scavenger hunts, talent night, fashion shows and other daily activities that are included in the schedule. Passengers may also spice up their nightlife by enjoying the rhythms of folkloric shows and local entertainment at our many fabulous ports of call.

    High above the deck, lookout stations have been created at the first yardarm on each of the masts. Equipped with high safety rails, and a comfortable teak settee for lounging at ease, passengers can observe all the action 60 feet below and out to the edge of the horizon. Passengers wishing to climb to the lookout posts slip on a ship supplied safety vest tethered to a watchful crew member on the deck, who keeps the safety line secured as they make the easy ascent up one of the ratlines. All three Star Clippers ships offer this exciting activity that is bound to be one of the highlights of a Star Clippers cruise.

  • What are some of the entertainment options on Star Clippers?

    Clearly this is not a cruise ship in the ordinary sense. On Star Clippers, you will find that there are no rigid schedules. You are free to do as you wish with your days – and evenings. To entertain you, Star Clippers brings local performers on board to give passengers an authentic taste of the local music and arts.

    New friends gather round the Piano Bar and join in singing a few favorites. In the Tropical Bar, the bartender shakes a pitcher full of some delicious cooling concoction. Enjoy the conviviality of fellow shipmates while a live band plays tropical tunes from a real paradise.

    The Captain and crew are superb improvisers of the kind of light-hearted fun you’ll only find on Star Clippers. The Captain’s daily briefing on deck is wonderfully informative and a chance to hear some great story-telling as well. And there are other events and activities, such as knot tying and navigation classes, that have evolved from Star Clippers’ sailing heritage.

  • What destinations does Star Clippers visit?

    In general, destinations include the Caribbean, Panama & Central America, Eastern & Western Mediterranean, Southeast Asia & Indonesia, and Ocean Crossings. In general, itineraries follow this basic schedule:

    Royal Clipper: During the winter and spring months, Royal Clipper sails throughout the Caribbean. The ship repositions to the Mediterranean for the summer and fall seasons.

    Star Clipper: This ship spends the winter and spring in the Far East. The ship repositions to Indonesia/Bali for the summer and Fall season.

    Star Flyer: During the winter and spring months, Star Flyer sails throughout the Caribbean. The ship repositions to the Mediterranean for the summer and fall seasons.

  • Is Star Clippers a good choice for special events, groups and celebrations?

    Yes! Whether it’s your honeymoon, a milestone birthday, anniversary, family reuinion, wedding, or even a special club, corporate get-together or other celebratory event, Star Clippers is the inspired choice. Celebrations and group gatherings become memorable, extraoridnary occasions with Star Clippers staff and crew dedicated to making every moment special.

    If interested in exploring Star Clippers as an option four your next event, be sure to contact CruiseInsider well in advance and we'll help you reserve the space, then work with you and Star Clippers to privide great ideas, original touches and extra perks to make your gathering even more rewarding.

    For honeymooners, you'll relax in perfect privacy and romantic settings. There's a complimentary bottle of champagne, and an assortment of fresh fruits and sweet treats provided to all newly couples married for less than 6 months, as well as a special gift and certificate signed by the Captain.

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