Princess The Love Boat Early Booking Sale

Princess The Love Boat Early Booking Sale

The Love Boat Early Booking Sale has something for everyone: up to 40% off, 3rd & 4th guests sail free...

Expires 8/28/24

Alaska Awaits - Set Sail with Princess

Alaska Awaits - Set Sail with Princess

The Great Land awaits – set sail with Princess

Expires 9/15/24

Princess Sanctuary Collection

Princess Sanctuary Collection

Experience the pinnacle of luxury with the new Sanctuary Collection with Princess Cruise Line

Expires 8/20/24

Free Webinar

Alaska The Great Land with Princess Cruises

In this video, Princess Cruises takes us on a journey through Alaska, offering a variety of cruisetour options highlighting the state's must-see attractions, including Glacier Bay and Denali National Park.

About Princess Cruises

Incredible Destinations

With voyages to over 360 destinations spanning nearly every continent, you'll embark on a life-changing adventure and be completely eclipsed by the wonder, beauty and scale of the natural world. Where will you explore next?

Immersive Shore Excursions

Adventures for every interest, activity and appetite abound for you to explore at your own pace, with local experts, or alongside guides from Discovery Channel, Animal Planet or Bon Appétit on a variety of exclusive excursions.

Captivating Cuisine

Step aboard for a wondrous culinary journey. Culinary partnerships with three award-winning chefs including Chef Curtis Stone means every dish is "designed for fresh" and crafted to exceed even the most discerning appetites.

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Each Princess Cruises ship is a destination in itself with a wide range of wonderful amenities and delightful diversions. Well-appointed staterooms, delicious dining options and fabulous public venues make these magnificent vessels among the finest at sea.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Ocean Medallion™?

    Ocean Medallion is a first-of-its-kind wearable device that elevates every moment before, during and after your vacation. From on-demand food and drinks, interactive gaming, custom entertainment and smart navigation, Medallion makes cruising simpler, and more personal and enjoyable than ever.

    The device holds your unique digital identity and communicates with thousands of readers onboard and in port. With no on-off switch, menu or charging needs, it helps you seamlessly discover everything around you. In addition to using Medallion for payments, unlocking your stateroom door and speeding up embarkation, it lets the Crew see information they can use to serve you better.

    You can wear your Medallion as a wristband, pendant, clip or simply keep it in your pocket or bag. The important thing is that you keep your Medallion on you so that you can make the most of your vacation experience, everywhere you go.

    The Ocean Medallion contains no personal information; it's associated with your profile that contains your onboard security picture. If that picture does not match a guest when a purchase is being made or when someone other than the original guest is nearby, access will not be granted to a stateroom and purchases cannot be made.

    All information provided before and during your cruise will be encrypted and is not stored on your Ocean Medallion. The most advanced software security models, tools, and methods are fundamental to Ocean Medallion. However, any guest is also welcome to opt out of all services at any time. If you do not want to take advantage of the full Ocean Medallion experience, you can switch your privacy setting to "Safety Only" and enjoy the cruise the same great way you do today.

  • What is the dress code and onboard atmosphere?

    Princess is committed to ensuring you have a great time on your cruise and foster a relaxed and friendly atmosphere onboard. To reflect the suggested dress code, dinner wear such as pool or beach attire, shorts, ball caps and casual jeans (with fraying and/or holes), is not welcomed in the dining rooms. Shoes must be worn at all times in all dining venues.

    When formal nights are held, please observe the suggested dress code in the Traditional Dining and Anytime Dining venues for the enjoyment of all guests. Formal night schedules are based on the length of your cruise, and follow this basic schedule:

    • 1—4 Days = 0
    • 5—6 Days = 1
    • 7—13 Days = 2
    • 14—20 Days = 3
    • 21—28 Days = 4
    • 29+ Days = 5 Minimum

    Note: Princess offers formal wear rental on all cruises – this can be arranged prior to embarkation.

  • What are the specialty restaurants on Princess?

    Though they vary by ship, Princess offers several specialty dining options for you to choose from on every ship. These distinctive restaurants provide intimate dining in an upscale atmosphere. Reservations are suggested at these popular venues. And because these restaurants at sea are truly a special treat, a cover charge will apply per person. Some choices include:

    SHARE by Curtis Stone is a more refined approach to the traditional steakhouse. Enjoy the best, most tender cuts of beef, such as New York steak and porterhouse, plus a prime-rib carving station. Available now on Ruby Princess, Emerald Princess and Sun Princess.

    Sabatini's serves up an authentic Italian dining experience in a remarkable eight-course meal. The stellar menu features both local seafood specialties and other regional favorites.

    Bayou Café & Steakhouse is the first New Orleans-style restaurant at sea, with fabulous Creole and Cajun traditional cuisine, such as jambalaya, etouffee and crawfish gumbo.

    Crown Grill entertains guests with an open, theater-style kitchen where chefs custom-prepare steamed shellfish—such as lobster, scallops, clams and mussels—and cooked-to-order steaks and chops.

    The Salty Dog Gastropub is an elevated take on a variety of traditional comfort foods in the relaxed atmosphere of pub style dining featuring The "Ernesto," a savory rib eye burger, uniquely crafted by Chef Uchimura, exclusively for Princess.

  • What is Princess's smoking policy?

    Keeping the comfort of Princess guests is a priority, and in consideration of consumer studies which show smokers are a small minority of guests, Princess has implemented the following smoking policy:

    Designated Smoking Areas

    Clearly marked “Designated Smoking Areas” are available onboard and include a sufficient number of ashtrays that are emptied regularly. Generally, these areas include cigar lounges, a section of the nightclub, as well as a portion of the open decks. The Casino and Casino Bar are non-smoking areas on board, with the exception of designated slot machines where guests are permitted to smoke only while playing at those machines. All table games are non-smoking. The Casino will also have one or more non-smoking nights (6 p.m. to closing), depending on length of voyage. Show lounges, dining rooms and all food services areas on board all Princess ships are non-smoking.

    Stateroom Smoking Policy Update

    Princess Cruises prohibits smoking in all guest staterooms and on all balconies. Violations to this policy will result in a $250 fine for each occurrence, which will be charged to the guest’s stateroom account.

    As a safety precaution, guests are reminded to properly dispose of cigarettes, cigars and pipe tobacco, which are never to be thrown overboard as this may be sucked back into the ship and cause fires.

    Electronic Cigarettes

    The use of electronic cigarettes is allowed within the confines of the guest's stateroom (balcony not included) and within designated smoking areas only.

  • Is there medical assistance on Princess ships?

    Princess's medical centers are primarily intended to provide acute care for illness and accidents that may occur while on vacation and are not intended to provide long term care for patients with chronic illnesses or as a substitute for regular health care.

    Their intention is to:

    • Provide quality maritime medical care for guests and crew members aboard all ships.
    • Initiate appropriate stabilization, diagnostic and therapeutic maneuvers for critically ill or medically unstable patients.
    • Support, comfort and care for patients onboard.
    • Facilitate the timely medical evacuation of patients, if appropriate.

    All onboard medical facilities meet or exceed the standards established by the American College of Emergency Physicians and are staffed by full-time registered doctors and nurses. In addition to twice-daily office hours, they are available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency.

    Charges for medical services will be added to your shipboard account, and you will be provided with an itemized account to submit to your insurance company. Important: Princess ships are registered in Bermuda. Verify with your insurer if your coverage applies outside the United States, or learn more about appropriate travel insurance by speaking with a CruiseInside advisor.

  • What is the Discovery at Sea program?

    Princess Cruises and Discovery™ have teamed up to create new memorable vacation experiences for the whole family to enjoy. Bringing the best of Discovery onboard guests can let their imaginations set sail with a variety of activities including Stargazing, exclusive Discovery & Animal Planet Shore Excursions, Shark Week, and more. Further enhancing the Discovery at Sea experience, Princess ships will feature a lineup of limited-time-only merchandise, offering guests a chance to bring home branded keepsake.

  • What health and wellness options are available on board?

    Princess is committed to your body & mind renewal on every relaxing cruise.

    Enjoy The Sanctuary, a luxurious spa-inspired top deck retreat, reserved just for adults featuring plush lounge furniture, attentive Serenity Steward service, soothing music, refreshing beverages and spa fare, and even an open-air massage in your own private cabana!

    Revitalize in the Lotus Spa, named Best Spa on a Cruise Ship by Spa finder Wellness 365. Choose from a variety of treatments, such as aroma stone therapy massages and detoxifying ocean wraps. Or enjoy a manicure and pedicure in our salon with an attentive service chosen by you.

    The state-of-the-art fitness centers offer exercise and spinning courses, free and machine weights, treadmills with ocean views and more to energize yourself while on your cruise vacation. And if you like the outdoors, there’s a jogging track a few decks above the waves.

    Get your heart pumping to a rhythmic South American beat with Zumba® classes on board, complete with licensed instructors. Or renew body, mind, and spirit with yoga on deck. Plus on select voyages, enjoy the flowing moments of tai chi to make the most of our relaxing cruises.

    To ensure you come back from your relaxing cruise feeling refreshed, renewed, and rejuvenated, Princess collaborated with sleep expert Dr. Michael Breus and design expert Candice Olson to develop the award-winning Princess Luxury Bed, rolling out over 44,000 beds to every stateroom across the fleet.

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