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Beyond the Destination

Zegrahm Expeditions offers one-of-a-kind itineraries on all seven continents, designed for true adventurers who want to travel with like-minded explorers intent on experiencing the world's most inspiring and remote destinations.

About Zegrahm Expeditions

Off-the-Beaten Path

Visiting all seven continents, Zegrahm's carefully crafted itineraries take you to remote places others don't go and where few travelers have ever been before - unspoiled regions, far removed from the standard cruise routes.

Explore With Experts

Experienced field leaders and well-known scientific and local experts travel with you and are as eager to share their in-depth knowledge as they are to make new discoveries right alongside you while exploring each destination.

Respect For Our World

From cultural journeys to wildlife adventures to ecological partnerships, Zegrahm is committed to preserving nature and the environment, and fostering an appreciation of the people and places encountered throughout the world.

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Pursue your passion for exploration, adventure, and learning in the company of like-minded guests and leaders aboard Zegrahm's state-of-the-art small-ships, each designed to comfortably and easily navigate the Earth's most fascinating destinations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What distinguishes Zegrahm from all other expeditions?

    Zegrahm's ocean voyages, land tours, and safaris to far-flung destinations that provide travelers with adventurous and educational experiences are what makes their expedition trave so unique. Zegrahm's expeditions comprise of a small group of adventurers who investigate unusual places of cultural and/or natural significance, led by experts who enlighten these travelers and manage logistics of the journey.

    The nature of Zegrahm's destinations, itineraries, and activities in those destinations, and the quality of accommodations and leadership distinguish Zegrahm Expeditions.

    Field leaders founded the company – people with vast knowledge of what adventurers expect in a high-quality expedition. Zegrahm thoroughly scouts locations and uses firsthand knowledge to expertly plan itineraries that are filled with unique opportunities. During expeditions, world-class leaders and lecturers provide an insightful and comprehensive educational component to the journey. Meanwhile, the array of places Zegrahm takes you is unlike any other offered in the industry.

    Zegrahm Expeditions operates on all seven continents, far removed from standard routes. From Antarctica to the Arctic, and the hidden corners in between, Zegrahm explores remote and exotic locales, at the best time to be in each destination.

  • Do you have to be physically fit to go on Zegrahm trips?

    No. For most activities a relatively low level of exertion is required. You will need to climb into and out of Zodiacs and tenders for excursions ashore and diving and snorkeling activities (staff and crew members will be on hand to assist).

    Ashore, you must be able to walk moderate distances over beaches and sometimes rough terrain. Zegrahm offers short and long walks or hikes; there are always options to accommodate those with different physical inclinations.

  • Does Zegrahm offer kid-friendy or family voyages?

    Zegrahm designs most trips for mature travelers, though a few programs (like The Galápagos or Antarctica) would be appropriate for younger people traveling with their parents, grandparents or other adult family members. There is no set age limit, though most expedition trips would not be appropriate for infants and toddlers. Occasionally there is a minimum age requirement from a land operator in a particular country, so it is always good to inform Zegrahm's Expedition Advisors when children under the age of eighteen will be traveling with you.

  • Are the guides actual scientists and specialists in wildlife, history, and culture?

    Zegrahm prides themselves on the quality of their leaders; all experts in their fields, they are dynamic people with a love of learning. Ornithologists, marine biologists and general naturalists, geologists, anthropologists, and historians — Zegrahm staffs each expedition with the leaders best suited for the region and the expected adventure.

    The number of naturalists and guides on a trip depends on the number of passengers, but the average leader-to-passenger ratio is 1:10.

  • What kind of accommodations and amenities can I expect?

    Zegrahm's ships are comfortable and each features a dining room, lounge, small library, and experienced staff members to serve you. Cabins are equipped with en suite bathroom facilities, hairdryers, in-room security drawers, and are cleaned and serviced daily.

    Zegrahm's larger vessels may also have exercise facilities, a gift shop, and hair salon providing simple hairstyling services. On land, they attempt to provide the finest accommodations available in that particular part of the world, although on some of the extension programs, you will be in rural or remote areas where Western amenities are not the norm.

  • What kind of food and dining options are found on Zegrahm's ships?

    Meals on the ships are generally international or American specialties, with additional selections available reflecting the area of the world you are traveling in, all prepared by international chefs. Breakfasts are standard American fare. Generally breakfast and lunch are buffet-style, while table service is provided at dinner. Meals ashore vary depending on the restaurants frequented and the part of the world you are visiting.

    Special dietary menus, such as vegetarian or low-fat, can be accommodated on board, with the exception of kosher cuisine. Zergahm does their best to provide such menus on land as well. Please notify your CruiseInsider advisor well before departure so that we can notify Zegrahm appropriately. All meals on board are served in group seatings. Tables are typically large, so you will likely be dining with other passengers.

  • What activities and entertainment options are available during the voyage?

    Zegrahm Expeditions are educational and active outdoor adventures, and the majority of activities are scheduled off the ship. Activities vary by itinerary and are included in the cost of the voyage unless specifically noted. There will be opportunities for hikes and walks, birding tours, Zodiac excursions, and, depending on the location and time of year, cultural visits and snorkeling and diving.

    Zegrahm also provides an onboard lecture series on a regular basis. These presentations cover aspects of the voyage and the surrounding environment. In the evenings and on days at sea, they occasionally show movies or videos relevant to the destinations visited. Traditional ship entertainment is not featured on Zegrahm itineraries, however, there are often cultural performances organized on many landings, where you can see native dances and musical performances.

  • What is the recommended dress code on Zegrahm's expeditions?

    The degree of dress is in accordance with one’s personal preference. There is no need for formal clothing for any activities; however, you may wish to bring dressier clothing for the captain’s welcome and farewell cocktail parties on board. On these occasions, women may choose to wear a suitable dress or other attire, and men a jacket and/or tie. You may also want to bring such clothing for any evenings on the town during the land portion of any programs.

  • What are wet and dry landings?

    The terms “wet” and “dry” refer to the types of landings on shore excursions.

    Wet landings require stepping into water up to ten inches deep and wading ashore. Dry landings make use of a dock or other object to step ashore directly.

    For wet landings in colder destinations, you will need waterproof rubber boots (or overshoes) and waterproof pants that fit over your pants. Once ashore, you can change into your hiking or walking shoes.

    For warm-weather wet landings, you will want to bring waterproof sandals or aqua socks and wear shorts, a sarong, or pants that are easy to roll up.

  • What is included in the price of a Zegrahm trip?

    Overall, prices include accommodations in hotels and on board the ships as outlined in the itineraries; all onboard meals, meals on land as indicated in the itineraries, group transfers, services of the expedition staff including lectures, briefings and slide/film shows, all group activities and excursions, landing and port fees, and all gratuities.

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