Tauck Bridges: The Ultimate Family Adventure

Posted April 25th, 2018

Dedicated to family travel and offering dozens of different vacations in North America, Europe, Latin America and Tanzania, Tauck Bridges are vacations designed explicitly for families who want to explore the world together in an engaging, enriching way. Truly unique among all-ages adventures and like no other family vacation you will ever find, Tauck Bridges is an all-inclusive riverboat adventure offering immersive itineraries focused on exposing families to new cultures, natural wonders and next-level experiences designed to spark a passion for discovery and inspire a sense of wonder in our world.

Read on to learn why a Tauck Bridges vacation is unlike any other family trip you will ever take. With insider tips and highlights from CruiseInsider’s CEO Ryan Hansen who recently took his family on the Family Fun Along the Seine Paris to Normandy itinerary, here are some reasons why Tauck Bridges is the ideal adventure for your family.

The Hansen family exploring France with Tauck was the perfect family-friendly river cruise.
The Hansen family exploring France with Tauck was the perfect family-friendly river cruise.

It’s All About Families

From the “meet and greet” kickoff dinner prior to departure to the kid-friendly onboard activities to the immersive excursions in every destination, everything on a Tauck Bridges tour is designed to keep families engaged, educated and entertained.

Insider TipAside from the beautiful Pullman Hotel’s unobstructed views of the nearby Eiffel Tower, the highlight of our pre-cruise dinner was Tauck’s special guest–a magician & mentalist from Paris–who performed a “Vaudeville style” act that entertained kids and adults throughout the meal. – Ryan Hansen, CruiseInsider CEO

Every Tauck Bridges itinerary incorporates interactive fun and hands-on activities – bike rides, cooking classes, expert storytelling, cultural explorations, exclusive experiences – that are fun for every generation to enjoy together and help immerse families in each and every destination.

Expertly guided and effortlessly easy bike rides along the Seine were a highlight of the trip.
Expertly guided and effortlessly easy bike rides along the Seine were a highlight of the trip.

The Joy of Traveling Small

It's a great big world and you have many travel options. But sometimes, it takes a small ship to find the very best parts of it…the hidden, tucked away places…the fairy tale lands and unspoiled islands…the historic ports and hard-to-reach places. Those are places for travelers.

You’ll sail right into the heart of historic European cities and quaint towns alongside expert guides who ensure you’ll see, learn, taste, try and do more than you ever could on your own. Tauck Bridges vacations are thoughtfully curated and carefully designed so the whole family can enjoy every destination or daily activity together.

Insider TipFor our day at The Louvre, our local guide expedited the entrance and delivered humorous, age-appropriate commentary to ensure the kids were engaged. The best part of the tour was a fun and fact-filled scavenger hunt through the famous museum that my kids will remember forever. – Ryan Hansen, CruiseInsider CEO
The Louvre tour was enjoyed by all ages but the emphasis was on keeping the kids engaged.
The Louvre tour was enjoyed by all ages but the emphasis was on keeping the kids engaged.

All-Inclusive Value

If it means a better experience for your family, Tauck Bridges typically includes it. From unique pre-cruise accommodations to privately guided expert tours to immersive activities and cultural experiences to all meals, transfers, gratuities and more, a Tauck Bridges adventure is truly all-inclusive with no extra costs, no nickel-and-diming and never any surprises along the way.

The only “surprises” you’ll ever get on a Tauck Bridges family adventure are the special treats and extra goodies they add for free. These gestures vary by itinerary, but may include celebrating local traditions, regionally inspired onboard entertainment and exciting ways to see the sights (trains, gondolas, horseback, river rafts, hot air balloons, jet boats and more.)


Family-Friendly Ships

Onboard Tauck’s riverboats, there’s always something exciting to do. Recruited for their love of working with families, the dedicated crew tries hard and knows how to make sure guests of every age have a great time.

Insider TipAboard the newly renovated ms Sapphire, we were greeted by the friendliest crew I have ever encountered. They attended to every detail and took care of everything on our behalf, especially the needs of our children. Our family was always informed, entertained and cared for – I was thoroughly impressed by their passion, personality and knowledge. – Ryan Hansen, CruiseInsider CEO

From tastings of authentic regional foods, lively demonstrations by local experts, costume parties, cooking classes, entertainment by local performers, a putting green, hot tubs on the top deck and games and activities orchestrated by Tauck’s Directors, Tauck’s ships offer the perfect atmosphere for both making new friends and enjoying time with your own family.

The smiling crew was truly top-notch in every imaginable way and left a lasting impression on the Hansen family.
The smiling crew was truly top-notch in every imaginable way and left a lasting impression on the Hansen family.

Outside-facing staterooms for every guest on every river ship ensure panoramic views from the privacy of your own quarters. Tauck’s cabins also offer flexibility to accommodate families of various sizes with a variety of suites and connecting cabin options. Perfect for up to four family members together, suites feature in-room movies, elegant amenities, roomy walk-in closets, marble baths, spacious showers and luxurious toiletries – and some suites even offer French Balconies to enjoy the stellar views along Europe’s most famous rivers.

Insider TipWhen booking two rooms for one family, make sure the rooms are not only right next to each other, but that the doors of the rooms are immediately adjacent. This makes the logistics of traveling in two separate rooms a bit easier. – Ryan Hansen, CruiseInsider CEO

Extraordinary Excursions

Tauck believes travel should be life-changing, eye opening, and engaging for all ages. And when these experiences are shared with loved ones, they bring you closer together and closer to your destination. You’ll meet the locals and truly experience every locale like a traveler, not a tourist.

Jumping for joy in front of the Eiffel Tower and celebrating the French attitude of "joie de vivre!"
Jumping for joy in front of the Eiffel Tower and celebrating the French attitude of "joie de vivre!"

Taste their foods. Hear their stories. See their sites. Find their treasures. Learn their history. Tauck’s immersive shore excursions are all included and always authentic, highlighted by expert guides who will broaden your horizons with insider access to must-see sites and hidden gems, sharing knowledgeable insights and local perspectives making each destination experience memorable and maximized for you.

Insider TipDue to the amount of people trying to access the places we visited–the palaces, museums, churches, forts and more–we were glad that we had Tauck there as we continually “beat the lines” and were ushered through special entrances. For many of the most popular landmarks across the globe, it is advantageous to travel with Tauck, as they make sightseeing a seamless and stress-free experience. – Ryan Hansen, CruiseInsider CEO

Memories for a Lifetime

A Tauck Bridges journey means of every detail of your vacation is taken care of so you can do, see, laugh, discover, learn and enjoy being together as a family, creating memories for years to come.

Insider TipFrom our first moment aboard until the moment we disembarked, Tauck’s crew and the ship itself helped make our vacation the most personalized, thoughtful and all-inclusive family-friendly cruising experience we’ve every experienced…and I have sailed with almost everyone! – Ryan Hansen, CruiseInsider CEO

You’ll explore together, spark your kids’ curiosity, have unbelievable fun, instill adventure and celebrate discovery on a Tauck Bridges journey. Quite simply, you’ll have extraordinary experiences and create genuine “bridges” to the people and places you encounter.

To plan your own ultimate family adventure with Tauck Bridges, contact a CruiseInsider expert at 1 (877) 734-6858 or CLICK HERE to learn more about Tauck River Cruises.

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